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Shame on you…

Civil Rights March on Washington, leaders marc...

Civil Rights March on Washington, leaders marching from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mayor Vincent Gray uninvited Donnie McClurkin from the festivities celebrating the 50 year celebration of the March on Washington. Now, I may or may not agree with Donnie’s Christian perspective on homosexuality, BUT, the brother has never, NEVER, to my knowledge run anybody down because of their sexuality. He is one of the FEW christian artist and preachers to actually preach the love of Jesus – exclusively. 

Mayor Vincent Gray is cowardly and hypocritical. Period.


4 thoughts on “Shame on you…

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  2. Avis says:

    Wasn’t sure what to make of Gray’s decision. McLurkin’s claim that he was delivered from homosexuality implies he thinks there is something bad about it, which would offend a person who is gay. Does that make McLurkin judgmental? Not sure. Need to think more about this. One thing’s for sure, politicians are more afraid of the gay voting bloc than of any other.

  3. The thing is , McClurkin is not and has not pressed his position on homosexuality outside of his church community. If he had, I would have a serious problem with that. He also has not advocated the taking away of rights or excluding civil rights to anyone in the gay community. If he had, I would have a problem with that too. He has not made any comments (publicly) about the issue of the day in the gay community: marriage. So, I don’t see why he was refused access to a civil rights celebration…

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