Ferguson: Let’s not stop here

Question: Who told this society that the life of a young black man was worthless? Did WE do it by ignoring black on black crime? Did WE do it by the continued support and proliferation of values perpetrated by Gangster Rap, misogynistic and violent lyrics in the music and artist WE promote? Did WE do it by the DEAFENING silence from our own communities, churches, and black public officials when OUR communities are under siege by our own youth? When are WE going to value our young black children? Must we ALWAYS wait for a white man to kill a black youth before we are outraged by a life violently and needlessly cut short?
Yeah, let’s blame (clearly) out of control racist police departments for ALL the violence in our communities. That’ll show that we care about the violence on young black men. Right.

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Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood

I am a Law and Order groupie. You know, the television show. I like Law and Order, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Law and Order: LA and Law and Order: UK. I do not and have never liked Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

For years and years I have been sick and tired of television and movies glorifying the victimization of women and calling it entertainment. Nearly every rape, murder, serial killing, kidnapping and abuse story features a woman as the victim. And we are surprised at the  mysogynistic actions of young males in society. Then we tell them that in America you have the right to solve your problems (real or imagined) with guns. Then… we give them guns…

Go figure.


Shame on you…

Seriously Left

Mayor Vincent Gray uninvited Donnie McClurkin from the festivities celebrating the 50 year celebration of the March on Washington. Now, I may or may not agree with Donnie’s Christian perspective on homosexuality, BUT, the brother has never, NEVER, to my knowledge run anybody down because of their sexuality. He is one of the FEW christian artist and preachers to actually preach the love of Jesus – exclusively. 

Mayor Vincent Gray is cowardly and hypocritical. Period.

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